our FAQ
Q: When are your gatherings?
A: Our Maltby Campus gathering is at 9:30am. Our Monroe Campus gathering is at 10:30am. 30 minutes before each gathering we host a community time of donuts and coffee and encourage you to come and enjoy community! During the week we offer Merge Student Gathering for ages 6th through 12th grade on Wednesdays at 7pm.

 Q: What's a gathering like?
A: Gatherings are a time of celebration and contemplation. We enjoy a casual environment with contemporary music, and a relevant message. We are not about "religion" but rather "relationship". Our desire is that all those who attend will experience God.
Q: What do people wear?
A: Well, we're in the Northwest and The Church reflects it's community. Generally dress is very casual to business casual and everything in between! Come as you are most comfortable.
Q: Will the church overwhelm me with letters, calls, etc?  
A: Absolutely not!  Obviously, we would like to warmly welcome all of our guests, however, we will not inundate you with calls, visits, letters etc... We give you the opportunity to fill out a Connection Card with basic information so that we know who you are and how we can be of service to you. Drop the completed Connection Card in the offering bucket and as you exit the Worship Center pick up a small gift which includes a card for a complimentary drink at our One Cup Coffee Stand. This is our way of saying "Thank you for being our guest"!
Q: Who will be there? 
A: A wide variety of people! We have all ages, from infants to seniors, and everything in between . . . Children, teens, young adults, young marrieds, families, single adults, seniors.  No one demographic describes these people because their interests, careers, education, families, incomes ... vary greatly.
Q: What about my kids?
A: We provide Kids Life gatherings that are custom fit for your children. During our children's weekend and mid-week gatherings, committed teams of approved volunteers strive to create an environment that allows kids to be kids while they safely explore God with all the fun, adventure, and energy they have and we love. Sorry, parents: kids only - unless, of course, you'd like to join our team of awesome volunteers!


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